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Improve your work with children and families.

Training in Theraplay is just the first step to advancing your practice and changing the way you work with children and their families. Certification is an investment in yourself, your practice, and your community. Learn more about each program to see what might be right for you.

Theraplay certification is limited to those with a masters or doctoral degree and a clinical license to earn the credential of Certified Theraplay Practitioner. Social workers seeking certification that are not mental health clinicians would seek a credential of Foundational Theraplay Practitioner at the end of their certification training.

Types of Training

Each Theraplay training program is allotted a training level to indicate the required basic knowledge to attend the program.


What is Theraplay? Seminar

This training contains beginner level content. 

Level One Theraplay & MIM

This training contains intermediate level content. 
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Level Two Theraplay & MIM

This training contains advanced level content. 

Group Theraplay

This training contains intermediate level content. 
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Sunshine Circles

Contains beginner/intermediate level content.

Who Should Attend?

All who work with children, and their families in therapeutic capacities, will benefit from training programs offered by Theraplay Australia. Professional titles include but may not be limited to:

  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists

  • Social Workers

  • Clinical Counselors

  • Marriage and Family Therapists

  • School Counselors

  • Play Therapists

  • Special Education Teachers

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Speech and Language Therapists

  • Adoptive/Post-Adoption Support Counselors

  • Early Childhood and Developmental Specialists

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Training Types

There are a variety of training types catered to your practice.

Training Calendar

Registering for a training with us can be done online.  

Our Trainers

Our trainers provide professional training. 

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