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True learning starts with expert supervision.

As a participant in our practicum you will receive professional, relevant, and timely feedback to apply to your book learning and classroom training. Theraplay supervision will develop your skills and build your confidence to help your most challenging cases. It will help you feel more comfortable working with caregivers and clients who may have not responded to previous treatment approaches. Your new Theraplay skills can help build your reputation and your practice while providing the best treatment services to your clients. Whether pursuing certification in Theraplay or Group Theraplay, we recommend completing Foundational Certification for minimum best practice. 

Once enrolled in the practicum, students are matched with and guided by a Certified Theraplay Supervisor. Certified Supervisors have a minimum of two years of experience as a Certified Theraplay Practitioner and have completed a rigorous practicum to become a supervisor. Many supervisors are trained in a variety of modalities and are leaders in their field. Supervision at is designed to provide you with the highest level of professional support as you acquire skills and knowledge about the Theraplay modality.

Types of Certification

No matter the setting, Theraplay certification is designed to support

your work with children and their families. 


Dyadic Certification

Dyadic Certification supports professionals working with children and their families in more individualized settings such as family therapy services.


Group Certification

Group Certification supports professionals working with children and their families in group settings such as schools and residential homes.


Cindy Flores 

Practicum Coordinator

My name is Cindy Flores and I am the Practicum Coordinator. I can answer specific questions about supervision options, levels of certification or make suggestions about supervision matches. I am also who you will contact to apply for the practicum and I will help keep track of your progress, eventually sending you your certificates. I can assist with any practicum related technology questions as well. Email me at


The first step towards certification is taking a training.

Our Supervisors

Our Theraplay Supervisors provide a professional certification process. 


Get access to all the forms required for Theraplay certification.

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